Wired and Wireless Network Solutions in Dubai

Wired & Wireless Network Solutions

Al Shams provide Wired and Wireless Network Solutions in UAE. Network classifications are based on the kind of routers used for tethering computers. A wireless router creates a wireless network. The network of cables between the computers is called a wired network.

We provide complete wireless solution for any foundation of any business organization, connecting a whole office together is a difficult task because there are so many cables and sockets that are brought into use in the whole process. But, wired network has become a thing of the past and wireless network has given wired connection the fall. The wireless network is used in order to reduce the number of cables in the workplace and it saves a lot of time as well.

As you may have guessed, a wireless network does not use cables or wires to tether. Your mobiles devices such as laptop or phone (with WiFi capabilities) can connect to the network if in range of its signal-Allowing more freedom to move around your working space. And a wired network requires cables and wires to connect to the computers. The data cables send data packets through the cables. These are most commonly referred as Ethernet cables or CAT5 cables.

Wireless Network Solutions UAE

A wireless network means that there are free space on the floors and no need to rewire your office again and again. It is much easier to set up the connection to a wireless network than on a wired one. The speed that data packets travel along the data cables are much higher than the data transfer speed in a wireless network.

Moreover, a wireless network will save your systems from potential problems that can arise at the time of client visit to your office. A wireless network will allow your clients and external faculty members to easily access the network, which would provide a boost to the company’s reputation. It would also increase the company’s output by taking unnecessary workload away from the company’s IT department.

Because of the transfer rate, a wired network is better used for a network that frequently shares large amounts of data across the network. These routers manage very intense transfer speeds. They cost less than the wireless routers. The downside is that wires and cables can become messy and can easily clutter. If the chaos of wires does not worry you much, then this is the perfect network for you. You will be pleased by the speed that you get.

If flexibility is a priority, then a wireless router is the most appropriate for you. With the absence of wires and cables, a wireless network can save you money. You will save simply by not having to buy the Ethernet cables. The decision is yours: to have freedom from wires, you will want wireless. If you want speed, you will want wired.

Al Shams Network Solutions offers the best wired and wireless network solutions in UAE that fits the unique requirements with a complete breadth of distributed IT solutions.

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