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Al Shams Offers the exhaustive Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Solutions.

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    Al Shams Network Solutions is committed in delivering quality IT Solutions that provide true business value to our clients. A Leading IT solution Provider in UAE has got expertise in providing cutting edge IT solutions. Over 12 years, working in IT systems integration and designing IT solutions that fit the unique requirements of the project. We ensure that customer’s unique project is completed on time and on budget.

    Al Shams has a strong market credibility with its customers, employees and partners. We have 937+ customers in the corporate, aviation, Hospitality, Engineering & Construction, and Trading & Retail Sectors across the Middle East.

    We are giving the best quality and modernized services, using the most appropriate technologies. We help our clients to develop and become more successful in their business.

    We Are Offering All Kinds of IT Services


    Cloud Solutions

    With extensive industry and technology expertise, Al Shams can work with you to strategically identify, plan and propel your business transformation with cloud enabled products and services.


    Data Networking

    We focus on designing, installing, testing, operating and maintaining integrated IT solutions for private and public sectors.


    Datacenter Virtualization

    We design, implement and support virtualization. We help the clients merge their virtualized environment.


    Disaster Recovery

    Al Shams Network Solutions offers the best solutions to build scalable, durable, and secure backup solutions.


    Cyber Security

    Al Shams prioritize prevention, face down threats and combat cyber-attacks.



    Al Shams aim to provide surveillance solutions that can address the security concerns of small, medium and large enterprises.