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Al Shams Network Solutions provide Enterprise Firewall Security In UAE. Use of the internet has become vital in modern times. Its applications play a great role in individual and community growth. Applications on the internet offer great fun but are unsafe and prone to unauthorized access and security threats. Also, sometimes one has to face the possibility of information theft with the establishment of unauthorized software hampering your software, which all points to security risk. In fact, an internet security firewall can provide the best shield.

We are all vulnerable to cyber security threats, but we can safeguard ourselves from them. Government offices and corporations are especially on the radar of computer criminals. They attack the networks for the purposes of theft or leaking a firm’s confidential data. These threats can downgrade the business’ reputation. These types of cyber security breaches lead to great destruction of what one might be aware of, and sometimes there are unseen damages as well.

  • A Firewall prevents hackers and remote access.
  • Data Protection
  • Ensures better privacy and security.
  • Protects from Trojans.
  • Firewall can protect individual systems.

Firewall Protection is Essential to Security

Firewall is a sure sort of solution for tackling cyber threats. It is a hardware or software system protecting any unauthorized access from or to a network. Firewall security can easily be implemented in hardware and software, and in combination. The following are the advantages that are offered for Internet security.

Firewall protection makes sure that unauthorized internet users never reach private networks when connected to the internet. The firewall is the midpoint, which checks the entering or leaving of data in the Intranet. Each packet is examined and allowed to pass through if it matches specified security criteria.

  • Firewall security bans unauthorized access to the network and only allows the access of authorized communications.
  • It is one of the most suitable ways to remain safe from viruses, Trojans or malware which can repeatedly try to continue interfering and damaging connection to the internet or network.
  • Generally, a firewall operates one way and monitors inbound traffic.

For complete firewall protection, one should go with a two-way firewall. Both the inbound and outbound traffic is checked for internet security threats. The two-way firewall operates as an intrusion detection system starting with the outbound connection.

Firewall security functions in a simplified way. The method of communication in the network is by passing small packets from the originator. The installed firewall is capable of analyzing the type of message and also determining whether the originator is authentic or not-internet security is of great concern in this era of electronic theft.

Although you could easily look for help in setting up your firewall in your computer, it is also important that you ask for assistance of somebody who knows a thing or two about firewalls. Al shams provide trusted IT support and services. We provide excellent firewall security solutions across Middle East.

Enroll with Al Shams Network Solutions and get cyber security instantly. Al-Shams provides next generation intrusion detection, NGFW and intrusion prevention system to protect your privacy on the internet.

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