Data Center Virtualization in Dubai

Data Center Virtualization Iin Dubai

Al Shams Network Solutions offer one of the best Data Center Virtualization in Dubai when it comes to network, server, and storage virtualization. Data Center Virtualization, which has been one of the significant breakthroughs in the world of IT over the last fifteen years, is so effective in revolutionizing your business, while you cut some IT expenses yet improving efficiency.

The provision of ever reliable and effective virtualization platforms, which significantly make your business ubiquitous, is exactly what we are capable of rendering. In this article, we are going to tell you what data center virtualization technically means, its benefits to business, and the meaning of virtualization technology used.

  • Server virtualization
  • Application virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization

What is Virtualization Technology

Data center virtualization is the use of some virtualization technologies to design and develop a base for data on cloud computing technology, yes, cloud storage is so effective because it saves you of the money to get storage devices such as HDD, flash drives, etc. This method of virtualizing encapsulates a good use of a plethora of tools, processes, and technologies, to make sure the data center runs effectively on a virtualization layer/technology.

Virtualization technology is the use of virtualization software in creating a unique interface between the primary physical systems and another virtual system. This interface that is created by virtualization technology is later used to gain entry into the resources embedded in the primary systems such as CPU, RAM, and other storage and network resources. Employing the use of virtualization technology makes room for expansion of your business, without needing more space, by significantly cutting down on the number of physical servers used by your company. 


Benefits of Data Center Virtualization to your business

Virtualization comes in handy. It gives a number of benefits to your business hence enhancing your company’s productivity. Improved productivity is the number one goal of any organization, which is why every means must be devised to make sure this feat is met. The benefits include:

Reduced capital cost

Virtualization is something worth giving considerations to, particularly when it greatly reduces the cost of getting server equipment, space, paying energy bills, and the cost of maintaining staff too can be significantly cut down when you go virtual.

Enhanced speed and flexibility

Going virtual gives the company a faster way of delivering services, and computing resources are also allocated effectively thus improving productivity.

Reduced operational cost

Virtual servers give you a much-needed option of cutting down on the number of physical servers used, support costs, reduce heat buildup, and also enhance your network capacity by running all your applications.

Reduced problem with equipment

Virtualization hugely reduces the problems associated with upgrading equipment, and make your business relatively cheaper to run and highly reactive.

As stated earlier, Al-Shams Networks and Solutions are the leading Data Center Virtualization company in Dubai, and our team of skilled specialists is always on standby to give you on-site solutions should any issues arise.

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